On-demand coach booking app

The Cord is a mobile app where users can discover easily the right coach for them, from a multitude of domains, like lifestyle, relationships, or business, with complete transparency on pricing and instant booking.
The Cord
Year: 2019
Contribution to the project:
⭢ Branding
⭢ UX Research
⭢ UX/UI design (part of a two-person team)
⭢ UX Writing


TheCord is a tech startup active in the professional services industry, built on a vision of facilitating access to coaching services. The industry is experiencing a period of expansion, with ICF estimating that there are currently over 100.000 people providing professional coaching services worldwide.

In the same time, lack of regulations within this sector means the bars to enter the market are quite low, as there’s no previous qualification, education, or experience formally required. This makes the space difficult to navigate, both for the clients that seek coaching services and for the providers.

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